Hawaii Chamber Visit 2014
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VCCA Re-Kindles old Friendships and Start New
A delegation from Hawaii joined some of our VCCA board and members today (Nov. 17, 2014) at Golden City Restaurant for a luncheon hosted by Viola Ong (former member of the Hawaii Chinese Chamber of Commerce -now living in Seattle area).
Both members of the Hawaii Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the US-China Peoples Friendship Association (from branches in Hawaii and Oahu) were in attendance. Some of them had visited 20 years ago as part of the friendships
and connections during the early days of the VCCA and during the time of the Miss Victoria Chinatown Pageant. During
those early years, delegations from Victoria, including former Mayor Alan Lowe visited  Hawaii and attended the Narcissus Queen Pageant. In return the Narcissus Queen and their delegation visited us at events including the late former Lt. Governor of BC, the Honorable David C. Lai. Joining us in the welcome of the visitors was former MLA and Cabinet Minister Ida Chong.
The VCCA original constitution and bylaws were modeled after the constitution and bylaws of the Hawaii Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Both groups have invited us to re-kindle and continue the friendships from the past and now newly formed friendships.
The hosted lunch was a great goodwill lunch with our American counterparts and pins from the City of Victoria (arranged by Charlayne Thornton-Joe) and from the Province of British Columbia (arranged by MLA Carole James) were given to our visitors. Our visitors, by Western Region President of the Friendship Association, Frances Goo and Vernon Ching of the Chamber, returned the gifts with a Kukui Nut Lei to Victoria attendees. The host Viola Ong presented a flashlight keepsake to show us the light and way to Hawaii.
An invite to attend the Narcissus Queen Pageant in January of 2015 was extended so if any members of VCCA would like to for a delegation to go to sunny Hawaii this winter, lets make plans.
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