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  1. Networking Opportunities 
    Local    monthly dinner meeting and special events allow for networking and like- minded business people and organizations, and different levels of local government
    National    invitations to participate in meeting, seminars and tradeshows, come to the Association and its members, allowing for further networking, not otherwise easily accessible
    International    hosting of foreign delegations visiting Victoria presents good business opportunities
  2. Knowledge Sharing 
    As part of ongoing monthly business meetings, guest speakers are invited to share new skills & knowledge, business trends, and economic information - giving our membership access to business education
  3. Community Profiling 
    Members of the Association have a unique opportunity to participate in community events, through external invitation or internal volunteerism. The VCCA has also had the opportunity to create a major community event - the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival
  4. Uniqueness of Organization 
    Focused on promoting business growth within its membership, we are the only Chinese business association in Victoria. This gives us access to special speakers and events
  5. Mentorship 
    Our association with small business through our membership allows for informal mentoring of each other. More formally, there are opportunities for our membership to hire summer students, participate with college students in their studies, and take on co-op opportunities with the university
  6. Discounts 
    Some Member businesses offer discounts for goods and services for fellow members in the association. See Discounts page for more details.
  7. Website Advertising 
    The VCCA is finalizing details on the development of its own website. Planned for the website are links to member businesses, as well as a complete listing of all member names, with contact information and company backgrounds
  8. Organization Directory 
    Under development is an annual organizational directory, listing names of all our membership, contact information, business addresses, hours of operation
  9. Membership Dues
    1. A modest membership fee is collected annually to support the cost of special events and initiatives of the Association. 
      Individual membership is defined as those small businesses and sole proprietors with less than 5 employees. Corporate membership is simply companies and corporations with greater than 5 employees. Students must hold a valid Student Card
      1. Individual Membership      $60 per annum
      2. Corporate Membership     $200 per annum (Allows 5 Nominees, 1 voting, 4 non-voting)
        Student Membership        $20 per annum



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